What Others Are Saying

James Bean - Public School Teacher


How does a Christian grow in love with God in more profound but also more functional ways? Byron Parson answers that question with Walk This Way, a fresh and rejuvenating dive down to the depths of a spiritual well. The book successfully walks the thin line between deep spiritual concepts and on-the-spot practical advice. It is more than just a reflection of how one man continues to refresh his own relationship with God. It is also a guide for how we can see our Creator in new ways no matter how “old” our relationship with Him gets.

Curtis Reed - Client Relations Specialist


'Walk This Way' aptly identifies and powerfully engages the deceptive tendency toward reliance on human effort that can debilitate the lives of many believers. For young and mature Christians alike, this book is a radical call to total transformation and serves as a refreshing guide that assists the reader in finding the rest for the soul that Jesus promises to any who would follow Him. A must read!

Tony Chatman -Corporate Relationship Expert


Captivating from the first words, Walk This Way is not content with staying in the shallow waters of the faith. Instead, through diving into the depths of the reader’s fundamental beliefs, and emotions, it provides a roadmap that when followed has the power to change Christians from dutiful followers into transformative reflections of God’s love, mercy, and power. It is a must read.

David Bruce -Associate Minister and Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)


In his book, Walk This Way: The Spirit-Led Life, Byron has created an incredible pathway to declutter one's unhealthy, sometimes harmful views of God that limit one from having the life-giving, liberating relationship that the Lord desires. Byron offers a warm and sensitive approach to the most powerful relationship we can have on this earth. This material opened my eyes to aspects of my own history that still limit my complete understanding and discovery of God's incredible mystery. As I continued reading, my understanding of God grew bigger while my own story became clearer. I am grateful for Byron's incredible work and am confident it will benefit anyone who reads it.

Lance Tracy -Filmmaker


I’ve been a fan of Byron’s unique spiritual gifts of teaching and insight for many years. He always has a jaw-dropping, meaningful angle on the same passages and stories we are so familiar with.“Walk This Way” is an eye-opening look at identifying how we view God and how that view has a subconscious affect on our decision making and quality of life, down to the very core of what we believe, feel and do.

Elroy Smith -Operations & Program Director of KRBQ (Q102) & KBLX, San Francisco


I have known, the author, Byron Parson, for over twenty years. I emphatically believe that he is one of the brightest and thought provoking individuals that I know. He knows how to relay the word of God in laymen terms that makes the bible my best self-help book for my life. His debut book, "Walk This Way" has a chapter in it that spoke of a man in the bible who exuded traits that I would pray to one day perfect; wisdom, purity, good judgement, humility, integrity, compassion, sacrifice, and obedience to God's word, even though, it appeared that his trials were insurmountable. Joseph is my biblical hero and Byron Parson is my heroic, brother-in-Christ.